M.G. O’Callaghan and Associates – Solicitors and Attorneys

Welcome to M. G. O’Callaghan & Associates. Our firm has been operating in Gosford since 2003. We have extensive experience in Wills and Probate, Family Provisions Applications, Criminal Law, Family Law Property matters, and Conveyancing and Commercial Law.

Our firm provides excellent legal services without any hidden or inflated charges. 

Carey Wood, our Practice Manager, has been with the firm since its inception. Carey was previously the Deputy Registrar of the Central Criminal Court and a Coroner. Carey was also a relieving Registrar of the Court for many years.

Mark O’Callaghan, the principal of the firm, was previously the Registrar of the Children’s Court in New South Wales as well as the Assistant Registrar at Gosford Court, before joining a local firm in 1998.

Here are some of the reported cases which the Principal has had carriage of:

Bonacci & Bonacci [2010] FamCA 331 (30 April 2010)

Robinson v Gosford City Council [2008] NSWIRComm 237 (12 December 2008)

Dutt v Central Coast Area Health Service [2002] NSWADT 133 (6 August 2002)

Tweedy v Bradley [2000] NSWSC 1134 (6 December 2000)

Robinson v Nominal Defendant [2000] NSWCA 192 (19 July 2000)

King and Comcare [2010] AATA 204 (24 March 2010)

Bonacci & Bonacci [2012] FamCAFC 15 (9 February 2012)

Calvert & Calvert [2008] FMCAfam 101 (18 February 2008)

Murray and Defence Force Retirement and Death Benefits Authority [2005] AATA 381 (29 April 2005

Robinson and Secretary, Department of Family and Community Services [2002] AATA 1011 (24 October 2002)

Ellem and Department of Education, Training and Youth Affairs [2000] AATA 50 (1 February 2000)

Secretary, Department of Education, Training & Youth Affairs v Ellem [2000] FCA 695 (26 May 2000)